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Feng Shui, or Chinese geomancy, is often referred to as the Chinese divine art of living in harmony with nature and its surroundings. It has been around for more than 4000 years. An exclusivity reserved for the rich and influential in its early days, Feng Shui is now within the reach of the masses.

Literally meaning 'wind and water', the word 'Feng Shui' is derived from clouds which the wind blows around the world, indicating and affecting the climate in a particular area. Regulated by the winds, clouds bring dry or rainy weather when it is blown from the North and Northeast in winter, or from the South and Southwest in summer. Hence, Feng Shui denotes the atmospherical influences affecting man as none of the principal requirements of life can be produced or sustained without favorable clime.

Although you may not be able to become a master practitioner, proper understading of the technique and formulas will definitely enable you to confidently read and correctly apply the positive values so as to be able to tap into the powerful energies so profound in the science of Feng Shui. Welcome to the world of Master TP Wong. It is our fervent hope that this website will serve as a good and meaningful guide to those of you who have always wanted to fully understand and wish to learn to apply the intrinsic points of Feng Shui in your everyday life for better health, wealth and harmony.

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