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Period 8 Yun

Period 8 Yun and you

In order that you can properly grasp and understand the effects of the period 8 yun on you and your fortunes, let me walk you through the basics.

The Period, Major and Full Cycles

Essentially, a period cycle or yun consists of a total of 20 years. There are altogether 9 period cycles comprising and beginning with period 1 yun and ending in period 9 yun. A total of three period cycles (60 years) is called a major cycle or 'yuan’, with the period cycles of 1, 2 and 3 known as ‘Shang yuan’, period cycles 4, 5 and 6 as 'Chung yuan’ and period cycles of 7, 8 and 9 as ‘Xia yuan‘ and the culmination of the three major cycles / yuan (180 years) is referred to as a full cycle.

A Continuous Cycles of Yun

We are now in the period of 7 yun, having commenced from the year 1984 and ending this year of 2003. Period 8 yun will begin from next year i.e. 2004 and ends in the year 2023 and period 9 yun will run from the year 2024 to 2043, all covering a total of 20 years each. Once all the 9 yuns have been completed, the cycle repeats itself, starting with the period 1 yun and the whole process is repeated again.

What exactly is period 8 yun?

Simply put, period 8 yun which runs from the year 2004 to 2023 is the period of time which commences immediately after period 7 yun (1984 to 2003). Represented in the ‘Xia yuan’ major cycle time frame, and unlike period 7 yun which augurs well for all womenfolk - where women became a major part of the workforce and represented in all major fields, becoming heads of companies and even presidents of countries, - period 8 yun is a time for outstanding youngsters, new beginnings, new leaderships, new adaptations to old methods, technology advancement, and great wealth.

Although period 8 yun is deemed to commence officially from 4th Feb 2004, the Qi of the period has already ‘creep’ in when in the year 2000 the planets of Saturn and Jupiter were alighned with the Earth. The resulting confluence of energies are reflected in the usage of earth toned colours for the painting of buildings especially new housing projects all over the world as the energies formed affects the mindset of people who in turn find that earth toned colours are the more preferred choice.

It is a time of great achievements in a broad spectrum of life by younger people and in particular those in the 15 to 45 age group, many of which will become future leaders.

How does it affects you?

Primarily, with the advent of period 8 yun, the ‘chi’ and even the mountain and water stars will take on a dramatic change. The ‘changes‘ involved are - the mode of flight of the flying stars, the mountain and water stars’ combinations, the ruling number for the period cycle, all of which will have a direct bearing on your buildings and your fortunes. Thus even in this time of period 7 yun where you may be enjoying good feng shui, the changes that period 8 yun brings forth can well affect your good feng shui or depending on the direction your property faces, you may even have your feng shui ‘enhanced‘ further.

How to ensure that you can continue enjoying the good feng shui you are experiencing now?

Based on the school of flying stars concept, in period 8 yun you will have to ‘update’ your property‘s feng shui by undertaking the necessary alterations, renovations, adjustments, enhancements or antidotes as otherwise you will ‘remain’ in period 7 yun’s cycle. As such, you will find that your luck will be affected in a diminishing effect as the years goes by due to the fact that the number 8 is the ‘new’ ruling and energized number and the number 7 is the receding and weakening number. This is also the reason why some masters say the star number 7 is inauspicious in the cycle period of 8 yun.

How to take advantage and make the most of period 8 yun?

Since feng shui denotes that the number 8 is the ruling and luckiest star number in the period 8 yun, by having your main door, bedrooms, office, or even the stove located in the sector housing the number 8 stars, string numbers, ‘tang wang‘ or current prosperity, ‘wang san wang sui ‘ or prosperous sitting and prosperous facing’ - will bring forth good fortunes to the occupants provided of course that your property is facing and tapping into a ‘jin sien’ or golden line.

Just like the period 7 yun, where the colors of red and white is considered the most auspicious, period 8 yun denotes that the colors or combinations of the colors of red, white, yellow or earth tones are equally auspicious. Other good secondary colors you may want to use are purple, silver, orange and golden. Stone furniture / figures, earthenware, globes and crystals, tassels, feng shui enhancers and ornaments, artworks, features of pagodas, dragons, birds and phoenixes, lucky celestial signs, windchimes, water features etc. are also good enhancers to use.

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