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About Master TP Wong

Master TP Wong, a Malaysian, was first introduced to Feng Shui more than 20 years ago.

His interest in the science of Feng Shui was aroused whe he first met his first master (Grand Master Loh) a top echelon and well known Feng Shui consultant way back in 1980.

From that year onwards, Master Wong begin to seriously study and research on all aspects of Feng Shui and its practical applications in relation to the I-Ching (Book of changes), the Tung Xin (Chinese almanac), Qi Men Dun Jia (Time and space methodology), It was also about that time and in his search for more indepth knowledge, he sought the expertise and study under another successful and local grand master specializing in land form or topography Feng Shui.

His passion on the art and the need to be totally accurate in both his predictions and applications saw him futher his knowledge with yet another 4 grand masters in Hong Kong, thus culminating in the formation of his technique known as the IMAP method.

To date, he has conducted a number of workshops and seminars in Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh and Penang on Feng Shui mastery for beginners and rendered his servies:

  • various corporate firms
  • hotels
  • colleges
  • schools
  • professionals
  • businessmen
  • general public
Some of his clients includes:
  • Taylor's College
  • Chung Hua High School
  • MegaFoam industries
  • Royce Pharma
  • Ken Chong of MNI
  • Yong Yoong Fa CEO Public Merchant Bank
  • SP Choo Vice President of AXA Assurance
  • William Chew Vice President of Chareon Porkphand
  • Lim Chee Seng Director of Momorail
  • Eugene Tay of Cycle & Carriage
  • AL Shum of TT Resources
  • Nature's Bake
  • Managers at Philip Morris
  • See Hoy Chan Group
  • Tan & Tan Group
  • Others

He was also interviewed by the popular Chinese newspaper Nanyang Siang Pau on the subject of authentic Feng Shui and its applications. He has also contributed articles to MPH quarterly magazine - Quarterly Quill and is currently writing on the subject on a regular basis for the popular property magazine - Just Property. To date he has written 2 books - Year of the Water Horse 2002 and Feng Shui for Success.

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