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Analysis of Animal Signs and Their Characteristics

Rat | Ox | Tiger | Rabbit | Dragon | Snake | Horse | Sheep | Monkey | Rooster | Dog | Pig |

  • Hardworking and thrifty
  • Smaller eyes - more thrifty
  • Can managed pressure well although can be easily stressed
  • Intuitive and likes short cuts (especially if nose is short)
  • Possessive and territorial
  • Jobs given to them must be clear and exact
  • Works best with monkey and dragon and can get along well with Rabbits/Sheep
  • At Odds with Horse (in direct conflict)
  • Serious and contemplative and project sober outlook (esp when center portion Of face longer than the other 2 portions and nose long and full or hooked)
  • Reliable and practical, good acumen for commerce but tend to procrastinate
  • Those with thick necks can shoulder more responsibilities as their reveals little, watch their mouth
  • Good planners with steady hand (good for art) they work well with Monkey and snake and provide good support for Pig, Dog and dragon.
  • In direct conflict with the Sheep.
  • Radical and good thinkers - can inspire and effect changes
  • Very straight forward and blunt
  • Impulsive and reckless is sometimes impractical
  • Those with high eyebrows shows a more idealistic and passionate trait visionary, he supports and protects those who are with him
  • Can be kind and generous esp those with large eyes and full lips
  • Compatible with the Dog and Horse. Not so close with the Rooster
  • And in direct conflict with the Monkey
  • Charmers and they foster great business relationships
  • Those with faint eyebrows or pointed chin tend to be over anxious and timid
  • Systematic and have good eye for details and intuitive
  • Works very well with the Pig and sheep, the big ego Dragon and Monkey
  • In direct conflict with the Rooster while the Horse is bad for the Rabbit too
  • Very egoistic and likes to take charge.
  • They take a long time to mend their Egos. They like to make things happen and exerts pressure on others in order to get things moving their way.
  • He needs the acumen of the Monkey and Rat and also steady advice of the Ox.
  • The Pig will be very faithful to him .
  • Can enjoy good rapport with almost everyone except the Dog .
  • Tend to have large fine heads and good balanced features.
  • A fleshly nose and cheeks coupled with square jaw and extremely dominating character.
  • Thick and strong eyebrows denotes adventurous and daring and is risky as a partner.
  • Quietly efficient-and reliable.
  • Discreet and subtle, can be vicious if provoked
  • Refined and dislikes crudeness, he is charismatic and good at negotiations
  • Destructive to Pigs while the Monkey and Dragon will benefit in partnership with the Snake.
  • The Sheep will be able to control the Snake although the partnership will be too competitive.
  • Those with thin pale lips and hooded eyes as they can resort to underhand tactics and politicking.
    Horses have a lot of vitality and gift of the Gab-hence they can bring in good sales.
  • A Horse will Keep everyone on their toes.
  • Good business acumen, drive and ambition.
  • He will keep turning his attention elsewhere and needs someone to look after the details.
  • Those with high perched ears are usually not focus, and lack endurance.
  • When their ears stick out it shows their impulsiveness and lack of consistency.
  • Though hot tempered, they forget quickly and is not shy of apologizing.
  • Quiet and persistent, can be relied upon to shoulder heavy responsibilities.
  • And can wear down the most resilient of opponents.
  • Creative and practical they make good partners for all animal signs except the Ox, because both are stubborn and hard headed.
  • They will also agree to anything so as to avoid confrontation.
  • The Sheep needs time to mull over things and has no qualms about changing tunes.
  • The Rabbit and the Pig are his best partners although He will need a Rooster and Monkey to help him make money and a dragon to charge up his energy.
  • A Sheep with square and bulging forhead is the most dominating and stubborn type even though he may appear quiet and gentle.
  • Bill Gates is a Wood Sheep.
  • Reputed to be the good business people.
  • Driven, ambitious and very intuitive they excel in commerce.
  • Quick to spot a business opportunity and fast to Act, they make good corporate leaders.
  • Easily bogged down by details he need to have a good support team to follow up and mind the store.
  • They sharp business acumen made them wants to be the entrepreneur as they crave for independence.
  • Versatile aAnd creative, they enjoy trading and adventurous business keeps them interested.
  • They can work alone but will benefit better working with Snake, Rat, Ox or Dog.
  • Dragon and Monkey is also a winning combination as long as the status quo is clearly defined.
  • The Monkey with the noble face, straight nose and full growth of hair or beard exhibits the best quality of the sign.
  • The shifty eyed and thin lip monkey and with sunken cheeks is to be avoided as they have too many hang ups to sustain a long term business relationship.
  • Being too crafty is the downside of a monkey.
  • Pig and Rabbits should be cautious when dealing with them.
  • The fussy Rooster is a good partner for those who need laborious, exacting and impeccable back ups.
  • They take pride in their perfection and are very independent.
  • Detail works like accounts and research suits them but their adventurous spirit can lead them to scientific research, space engineering and restoration of antiquity.
  • An ideal partner for most of the animal signst they will find the Rabbit impractical as the Rooster can be very hot headed.
  • Roosters with long bony fingers or long patient faces are ideal people.
  • Those with short noses and sharp teeth can be quarrelsome and interfering Roosters with turn up noses can be arrogant, meddling, gossipy.
  • The Dog is faithful to the end.
  • His loyalty makes him a dependable partner.
  • A great leader in times of crisis and a good second in command and ally.
  • A dog sees in terms of black and white, what is wrong is wrong and vice versa.
  • Sir Winston Churchill is a wood Dog. Once a Dog trusts you he is there till the end.
  • Beware of the Dog who has a club thumb or a brutish face, as his temper knows no bounds.
  • The refined Dog is noble, cultured and romantic and these are reflected in a fine bony nose, chiseled lips and liquid eyes with long curly lashes.
  • He normally walks with his chin jutting forward or head thrusts forward in defiance.
  • You canít fooled a Pig unless he allows you to.
  • A subtle mind that is hard to influence, the Pig will give you the benefit of the doubt until he can prove otherwise.
  • A tenacious and determined worker, he can be an ideal partner if you can bear his blunt, brusque ways and quick flares of temper.
  • Their grit and enterprise enables them to succeed and enjoy life.
  • The undeveloped Pig can be spotted by a spongy palm, plump pouchy cheeks, double chins and a weak nose.
  • The Pig with a slightly hooked or aquiline nose will make a better business person and will not be a pushover.
  • A Pig with a firm handshake exhibits all the positive qualities of the Pig as well as the will power.
  • Lee Kuan Yew is a Water Pig.
  • Friendly to most animal signs, the Pig is compatible with the Sheep, Ox , Dragon and Horse.
  • He is at Odds with the Snake and other Pigs unless it is a Fire Snake or a Water Pig.

Rat | Ox | Tiger | Rabbit | Dragon | Snake | Horse | Sheep | Monkey | Rooster | Dog | Pig |

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