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Auspicious Sectors/Directions

Sheng Chi
Tien Yi
Nien Yen
Fu Wei
1 SE - sun E - chen S - li N - kan Easterly
2 NE - ken W - tui NW - chien SW - kun Westerly
3 S - li N - kan SE - sun E - chen Easterly
4 N - kan S - li E - chen SE - sun Easterly
Men 5 NE - ken W - tui NW - chien SW - kun Westerly
Women 5 SW - kun NW - chien W - tui NE - ken Westerly
6 W - tui NE - ken SW - kun NW - chien Westerly
7 NW - chien SW - kun NE - ken W - tui Westerly
8 SW - kun NW - chien W - tui NE - ken Westerly

E, SE, S and N are EAST group people
(Kua numbers 1, 3, 4, 9).

W, NW, SW and NE are WEST group people
(Kua numbers 2, 5, 6, 7, 8).

Under the 'Flying Star' school of FENG SHUI, there are 4 auspicious directions/sectors for every individual. These auspicious directions/sectors are known as 'Sheng Chi' or Success, 'Tien Yi' or Health, 'Nien Yen' or Harmony/Relationship and 'Fu Wei' or Personal Development direction.

By adopting and utilising all or some of these above directions or sectors in the matching and activation of one house, good feng shui is thus established.

In order to know whether you are a east group or west group person and your kua number, please refer to section on 'How to calculate your kua number?'.

Yin and Yang balance in Almanac Feng Shui

Small wood - Yang
Fire - Yang
Big Earth - Yin
Big wood - Yin
Center Small metal - Yang
small earth - Yin
Water - Yin
Big metal - Yang

In the Yin and Yang balance of almanac Feng Shui, the Yin and Yang energies are segregated into the 8 main sectors of the Pa Kua of the later heaven arrangement whereby a building facing the southeast, south, northwest and west sectors denotes the Yang energy and that facing the east, southwest, northeast and north sectors denotes the Yin energy.

A good knowledge of the Yang and Yin energies/sectors is important when recommending the colours to apply (for example - bright or dull, sharp or soft) to one house. it is also applied when deciding on whether to use more or less of warm lights (Yang) as against flourescent lightings (Yin) in a house to create a balance in the Yin and Yang energies.

Therefore in a Yin house, Yang and sharp tones of colours and more warm lights (as in limelights) are recommended as compared to a Yang house where more flourescent lights are recommended to create a balance.

When a balance of the Yin and Yang energies is achieved, a warmth embience and a feeling of comfort is created, which in turn will make the occupants feel contented and happy.

For more details on colour and its applications, please refer to section on‘ colours and its effects ‘.

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