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Auspicious Star Number and Combinations

The reigning star number of the period cycle and for that period only is deemed to be auspicious irrespective of what that number is. As a whole and for this current period of 7, the star numbers 1, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, are deemed auspicious whereas star numbers like 2, 5, and 3 are deemed inauspicious.

The auspicious star number 1 is associated with Water (blue/ black color) and denotes money luck and when the number is doubled or tripled it means a brilliant commercial generation especially when it settles in its original position - North (Water). For details refer to Basic Position of Star Numbers.

The auspicious star number 4 is associated with Small Wood and signifies the backing from mentors. Having double 4 is deemed wonderful mentor luck and excellence in academic performance and skills. It also denotes romance and relationships or affairs. This star number is also known as Wen Chang (scholastic star) or academic star. Its original position is Southeast. The colors associated with it are light green and pastel green.

The auspicious star number 6 is associated with Small Metal and denotes eaven sent luck’, patriarch, respect, diminishing ‘chi’, and when doubled or tripled it means high status and good wealth luck. Its original position is Northwest. Its colors are white, silver, and indigo.

The auspicious star number 7 (this star will become inauspicious in the period of 8) is associated with Big. Double 7 means great wealth luck and if tripled it denotes extremely good money and investment luck. Having your bedrooms, entrances or even your kitchen located in the sector housing the double 7 will bring good money luck in this current period cycle (1984 to 2003). Its original position is West. Its colours are maroon, white and gold.

The auspicious number 8 denotes forthcoming / abundance luck. A combination of two or three 8’s is wonderfully aspected if it falls in the South. Such a house will bring about outstanding children coupled with great prosperity and honour. If it falls into its original position of the Northeast sector, it will bring about extremely good business luck. The star is associated with Small Earth and its colours are beige and bright earth tones.

The number 9 (distant / long lasting luck) is also favorable although when combined with the inauspicious star numbers of 2, 5 and 3, the results can be quite disastrous. A combination of two or three 9’s in the south (its original position) will bring about tremendous growth in career prospects and illustrious individuals (lawyers, judges, politicians). Its colours are red (all shades) and orange. And when the number flies into the Southeast, it will bring forth money luck from unexpected sources.

The above are some of the attributes of auspicious numbers and combinations of the same own numbers. There are also combinations of different sets of numbers which are equally auspicious and by their varied combinations resulting in the generation of the elements.

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