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The Bedroom (Harmony)

Being the place where the average person spends a third of his time, this room is another important sub-criteria not to be overlooked. Proper matching and activation of this room will result in harmony not only between the husband and wife but also the siblings.

As this place is also considered a woman's terrain activation will be based on the suitability for the lady concerned. If the Nien Yen sector of the lady concerned is located in this room, then the results will be very auspicious. Romance and relationships are enhanced. Other wise, any of her other auspicious sectors such as success, health or personal development will suffice, provided of course , that the bedroom houses favorable mountain stars.

If located in an inauspicious direction, or in the sector housing the bad and inauspicious mountain stars, then relationships between the various occupants will suffer and the bad attributes of that particular sector will also manifest itself. A word of advise - make sure you do not place flowers and water in the master bedroom as the former will result in the husband having an affair outside and the latter will result in the occupants of the room inflicted with rheumatism or body aches.

The best direction to locate the bedroom is the wife's Nien Yen sector with the headboard pointed towards any of the 4 auspicious directions of the husband. Also ensure that the bed is not facing any mirrors or the toilet door as these 2 features emits 'Sha Chi' or negative energy, which can result in insomnia and body aches.

Another important factor is to ensure that the bedroom is not bigger than the hall as this will result in an imbalance which can result in occupants becoming lazy or not ambitious in life.

Ensure also that the bedroom is square or rectangular in shape for better harmony. Any irregular shapes or if looking at the floor you see the shape of a knife, then disasters in your love life and relationships will occur.

Ensure that the room is airy and bright and use 'warm' lights to enhance the 'Chi' further. A bedroom with the bed sheets and pillows etc in disarray will disrupts the auspicious 'Chi' and render the room inauspicious with the presence of 'Sha Chi' resulting in the occupants listless and always tired.

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