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Colours and Their Effects

Colours like the elements they are associated with, are also identified to specific sectors and directions. A simple combination of colours can also be equate to a combination of the elements these colours are asociated with. Thus , a simple combination of say, red and yellow is equivalent to fire and earth , which is a productive sequence. On the other hand a combination of yellow and black which is equivalent to earth and water is inauspicious as earth is deemed to destroy the water , a destructive sequence.

A specific colour when applied to the sector housing the element which is associated with that colour, is also considered auspicious as this is known as the ‘agreeing’ sequence . Similarly, when a specific colour is applied to a sector housing the element which will result in the sector’s element to grow - example when white is applied to north (water), this sector is now deemed to have been enhanced , as metal when melted down becomes liquid and emits vapors (water), such as in metal produces water a productive sequence. On the same score, when a certain colour is applied to a sector housing an opposing element a destructive sequence is created - for example , when metallic or white colour is applied to the east , thus bringing metal into wood , where the metal cuts down or destroys the wood .

Thus the colours that you choose should always be in an agreeing or growing sequence While a proper colour or a combination of colours will enhance the Feng Shui, on the contrary a wrong choice or blend of colours can bring about misfortunes or setbacks. Therefore it is imperative to ensure a proper colour or combination of colours are chosen before being applied to the premises.

The good and powerful colours for period 7 yun is white and red. The energy release by the combination of the two colours mentioned is especially potent when used in a company’s logo etc. This can bring about recognition , status and extraordinary results in the performance of the companies concerned. A good example of companies who are doing exceptionally well and having these combination of colours in their logos are Public Bank, Hong kong bank, Genting group, Air Asia, The Star newspaper etc.

Powerful colours for period 8 yun are white, red, yellow, earth toned, silver and gold. A good example of adaption of these power colors can be found in the Star newspaper where they have now incorporated 3 short yellow lines (which is representative of the trigram Chen - for power and control) in their logo and that of Ambank where the combination of red and yellow is generously used. And rightly, these adaptation of the red and yellow have brought about a wonderful and fruitful result to the bank in terms of business and status.

According to Feng Shui perspectives, white is the mother of all colours and is also one of the main colour for toning and reducing the shades of all other colours. Thus white is sometimes known as the beginning of all colours while black on the other hand, is the terminal colour of all colours.

In the study of energy , colour is the reflection of light and energy, and where there is no light, there being no visible colour. And without light, everything will be Dark, which is represented by black. Black is therefore another basic component for mixing, blending and toning of all other colours. As such these 2 colours are the origin of all colours where white is considered Yang and black yin. This attribute is exhibited in the Pa Kua Tai Chi where the center houses the Tai Chi Circle and where the white encompasses the black dot and vice versa, thus showing the interrelation between the Yin and Yang.

In the study of Feng Shui all of the basic colours are also representative of certain elements. This attribution, besides allowing for enhancement or suppression of the chi can also be used to ’cure’ certain ailments or emotions. And besides being usable for the walls of a house, colours can also be used on the person for similarly beneficial results.


The colour associated with water is blue / black. Therefore it is beneficial to wear More of any shades of blue/ black/ grey during the years of the wtare element so as to be in harmony with the year’s element. Blue colour soothes and calms the soul. Wearing blue frequently reduces the frequent occurrence of sore throats and fever. Do not wear too much of this colour in the years where the elements are that of fire or earth.


Since water produces wood in the productive cycle of Feng Shui, you may also want to consider green or pastel green or flower designs or even brown. In Feng Shui green is associated with harmony and relationships and is considered to be good for the heart and related ailments. Do not wear too much of this colours during metal years.


White is representative of metal which grows water , thereby producing good chi. Besides being the mother of colours, it has a purifying effect and is a good relief for pain and headaches. Wear less of this colour during Fire years.


Red or shades of red or pink , purple is representative of fire. It is associated with strength and vitality and therefore helps eliminate depressions. It is also a good colour to regulate the internal organs by enhancing immunity to illness.


Yellow or beige or earth toned colours are most suitable for accounting people or people handling the cash flow. Generally it reflects the intellect and is good for mental stimulation and preventing skin problems. Wear less of this colour during the wood years .Wearing this colour during water years will impede your memory and thoughts.

Effectively the colours of the 8 directions or sectors are:

Directions Sectors Agreeing colours Growing colours
East Pure green / azure green All shades of blue and black
South east Light green Light or pastel blue
South Red, orange, purple Green, brown
Southwest Bright yellow (sunflower) Red, orange, purple
West White, silver, maroon Yellow, beige, earth tones
Northwest White, golden, indigo Yellow (all shades) earth tones (all shades)
North Blue, black, grey White , pastel colours
Silver, golden, maroon
Northeast Beige, bright earth tones Purple, reddish, pink

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