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Consultation Service

  1. Feng Shui checks and orientation for residential and commercial properties.

  2. Natal chart readings.

  3. Company logos and colors.

  4. Auspicious dates for marriages, engagements, shifting, commencement of work etc.

  5. Learn how to use the Tung Shu.

  6. Feng Shui workshop for beginners.


Feng Shui Explained
Period 8 Yun
Animal Signs & Characteristic
Colours & Their Effect
Auspicious Star Numbers & Combinations
Inauspicious Numbers & Combinations
Meaning of Combinations of Annual Stars & Trigram Stars
Meaning of Combinations Between Mountain Stars & Water Stars
Pa Kua Trigrams & Their Attributes
Important Factors to Consider
Calculating the Kua Numbers
Useful Feng Shui Tips
Lunar Period Feng Shui 2004
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