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The Main Door (Wealth)

According to Feng Shui concepts, the main door is considered as the mouth of the house. This is where the 'Chi' flows into the house. The orientation of the main door will decide whether the 'Chi' that flows in is auspicious or otherwise whereas the sector housing the main door will determine whether it is an auspicious sector to locate the door. A further enhancement feature for the main door is to have the door open to an auspicious width and height. This is normally done by adopting the good measurements of the Feng Shui ruler.

Some of the good measurements are :-

  • 106 to 109 cm width / 218 cm height
  • 124 to 134 cm width / 218 cm height
  • 150 to 155 cm width / 218 cm height
  • 167 to 177 cm width / 218 cm height
  • 193 to 198 cm width / 233 cm height
  • 210 to 218 cm width / 261 cm height
  • 232 to 241 cm width / 283 cm height
  • 254 to 262 cm width / 303 cm height

Locating the main door in an inauspicious sector will result in the magnitude of the positive 'Chi' being affected even though the orientation is auspicious. Similarly, aligning the door in an auspicious orientation even though the sector is inauspicious will help boost whatever limited positive energies or 'Chi' in the house. Therefore aligning the orientation of the door is often construed as enhancement or expansion of the 'Chi' of the door. It is this expanded 'Chi' that moves around the house, interacting and reacting with the various sectors and features of the house, thus giving rise to certain phenomenon, tangible or intangible but with great influence on the lives of the occupants .

Ultimately, the best scenario is to have an auspicious orientation coupled with a good location/sector for the main door. Under such circumstances, great good fortunes, harmony and wealth luck will be abundant for the occupants if the other sectors in the house are properly activated.

Note : The above house is facing an auspicious orientation or direction. Thus opening the main door at sector A is deemed most auspicious.

As the sector and location of the main door can be chosen to suit the house, so can the orientation of the house whereby the alignment of the door is 'adjusted' or realign to face the exact positive orientation or 'Jin Sien'. This exercise will allow the full extent of the positive energies to flow into the house, thus bringing good tidings to all occupants of the house especially so if the door is located in the 'Sheng Chi' or success direction of the man ( husband) of the house as the main door will have a direct influence on his fortunes and not so much the bedroom and the kitchen which will have a direct influence on the woman (wife) of the house.

There are altogether 118 exact orientations or Jin Sien in a 360 degree radius or LO Pan. I am only pinpointing a few here as many of the other Jin sien are deemed to be too close to very bad orientations which places the margin of error very highly probable and therefore requires the expertise and experience of a reputable Feng Shui master to positively identify.

Some Examples of Exact Positive
Orientations or Jin Sien.

(Golden Direction)

South 170 degree, 178 degree, 181 degree, 186 degree.
North 5 degree, 13 degree, 343 degree, 359 degree.
East 81 degree, 88 degree, 101 degree, 107 degree .
West 260 degree, 268 degree, 280 degree, 282 degree .
Southwest 215 degree, 221 degree, 235 degree, 244 degree.
Northwest 298 degree, 311 degree, 318 degree, 325 degree.
Southeast 116 degree, 126 degree, 145 degree, 155 degree.
Northeast 26 degree, 33 degree, 40 degree, 57 degree .

Readers are to ensure that the get the above bearings absolutely right as otherwise a wrong bearing will result in a wrong orientation and disasters. If in doubt, engage the services of a reputable Feng Shui master to get the bearings right.

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