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Important Factors to Consider

The 2 Major Criteria and 3 Sub-criteria

When applying the IMAP technique, one must bear in mind to focus and emphasize on the 2 criteria and 3 sub-criteria as this consideration will have a direct bearing on the final analysis and when rectification or enhancement is needed.

The 2 major criteria are :

  1. What year you moved into the house
  2. Was there any renovations done after this?

It is important to check on these 2 criteria, as the year you move in will determine whether it is during the period of reigning number 6 or 7, which, in turn, will result in a total difference in the assessment of the house natal chart.

Similarly, any renovations undertaken during that cycle period after having moved into the house will render the house being occupied from that period onwards and computations will be based on that period reigning number.

For example, if you have moved into your house in 1982 which is during the period of reigning number 6 and in 1990 you have undertaken renovations to your house, then the computation for the analysis will be based on the period of 7 (1984 to 2003) and not of the period 6 (1964 to 1983).

The 3 sub-criteria :

Once the above are determined, the 3 sub criteria to focus on are :

These being the 3 main areas that will have a direct bearing on the occupants fortunes especially the main breadwinners of the house as the door is deemed to be the mouth of the house which holds the key to the occupants endeavors and luck (wealth), the master bedroom (harmony) where the occupants spends almost a third of his time and the kitchen (health) where nourishment is served. Of the three, the main door is considered the most important of the 3 sub-criteria.

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