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Inauspicious Number and Combinations

Generally, the numbers 2, 3 and 5 are deemed inauspicious especially in this cycle period of 7. They are only deemed auspicious when they are the reigning number of that cycle period. For example, the number 2 is deemed auspicious during the reigning cycle period of 2 where it will then have the positive energy to enhance and allowing a smooth path to achievements.

Star number 2

During this current cycle period of 7, however, the star number 2 is associated with sickness and breakdowns. It is known as the ‘sick star’ and when doubled, it brings chronic illness for the people who live, work or sleep in that sector / direction. When tripled or more, the situation is worsened.

When it meets with a 5, it denotes infectious disease and injuries caused by accidents. When the number 2 with 3 are activated, there will be a lot of unwanted gossip and rumors, quarrels and in certain cases leading to lawsuits.

Star number 3

The star number 3 is associated with conflicts and trouble. It has the negative powers to affect relationships. When doubled or tripled the situation is much aggravated. A 3 and 5 combination will bring about mistrust in all matters pertaining to money, status and relationships.

Star number 5

The number 5, also known in Feng Shui terms as Wu Hwang, is basically a negative star which can bring forth misfortunes and accidents. A double or triple 5 combination can denote illness leading to death or a total loss. When combined with a 9, it denotes problems and injuries to the head.

When the three inauspicious stars of number 2, 3 and 5 come together then that particular direction or sector is deemed very unlucky and at the same time can bring forth a combination of bad relationships, chronic illness and a total loss in financial investments and even lives. As such occupants will have a tendency to commit suicide.

In any circumstances and during this current cycle period of 7, do not activate the sectors housing the above combinations by placing fire or undertaking renovations / repairs. If at all there is an urgent need to undertake repairs or renovations in the negative sectors discussed above, make sure that you engage the services of a competent Feng Shui master who will be able to guide you on how to undertake the renovations with minimum or no side effects.

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