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The Kitchen/Kitchen Stove (Health)

Being the place where nourishment is served, this area is equally important. As the health of the family is at stake, one is advised to ensure that the sector housing the kitchen and the direction of the stove 'mouth' must suit the auspicious sectors of the wife. The best sector to choose and locate the kitchen or the best direction to face for the kitchen stove mouth is the Tien Yi direction of the wife.

The 'stove mouth' is that end of the gas hose tip which feeds the fire and not the ignition. If for whatever reasons you are unable to get the stove mouth facing the correct direction, then the alternative solution is to locate the stove in the wife's Nien Yen sector.

Other taboos to look out for in the kitchen :

  • The stove is not facing the toilet door as this will give rise to occupants being afflicted by skin problems.

  • Utensils used for eating is of the same models or make as different models or makes will give rise to difference of opinions and the problem of getting the siblings to gather and eat together.

  • Stove (fire) should not be located side by side with the wash basin (water) as this can result in heated quarrels and arguments amongst the occupants.

  • The stove should not be located directly opposite the wash basin as this will result in disagreements and bureaucratic problems for the occupants.

  • The bed in the room directly above the kitchen should not be located in the spot directly above the stove as that particular occupant health will be affected.

  • Do not place a fan facing the stove, otherwise known as 'faning the stove' as this will give rise to occupants regularly having problems related to mouth sores, coughs and toothaches.
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