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Combinations of the Sitting (Mountain) Stars and Facing (Water) Stars and their meanings.

We have just seen the effects of the combinations between the annual and the trigram stars on the occupants of a house. The combinations are used for the sole purpose of identifying and choosing the right time to move into a new house.

The next set of combinations show the effects of the combination between the mountain star and water star. This set of combination is adopted when checking on the luck of the various sectors of the house, for analysis and matching and any eventual renovations.

The effects of the combination between the Mountain Stars and Water Stars for the Period 7 (1984 to 2003) and Period 8 (2004 to 2023)

Mountain Star Water Star Meanings Antidotes and Enhancement
1 3 Achievements and fame. Health slightly affected. Place globe in left corner and paint beige.
3 1 Prosperity and great wealth. Great recognition. Place bamboo or red palm in the left corner to enhance.
1 4 Good romance and networking luck. Scholastic and creative achievements. Place picture of mountain with water or picture of 9 carps.
4 1 Extramarital affairs. Bad, cold relationships with neighbors. Place plants on right and water to left of sector.
1 5 Kidney problems and loss of earnings due to accidents and injuries. Place a stone pig on the left and 6-rod wind chime on the right.
5 1 Problems with the head especially the ears. Good returns from investments. Place 6-rod wind chime on left of sector.
1 6 Good business acumen. Your advice and skills much sought after. Enhance with picture of mountain with water or abacus for success.
6 1 Great wealth luck and powerful mentors especially for those in finance, metal or gold business. Enhance with chandelier, warm lights or big globe or a pair of Chi Lin.
1 7 Minor gains and opportunities but health problems for ladies. Place gem tree on left side and brass cockerel on right to enhance.
7 1 Wonderful wealth luck till 2003 (period 7). Rear arowana fish or place moving water in sector.
1 8 Becoming a mentor and advisor to others with some rewards and financial gains. Place earth dragon, dragon tortoise on left and 6 metal objects on right of sector.
8 1 Extremely good luck and success with possibility of high office Enhance further with 6-rod emperor coins on both sides
1 9 Everything will run smoothly except when 5 yellow comes in. Place bamboo plants on left side of sector.
2 3 Intense arguments, backstabbing, treachery which can lead to lawsuits with people around you. Paint bright yellow or place bright metal objects to suppress.
3 2 Conflicts, rumors, bickering, arguments within the family/friends. Paint the sector bright yellow or beige to suppress.
2 4 Quarrels and disharmony involving the in-laws and women in the family. Place yellow flowers on left, sailing ship on right.
4 2 Illicit affairs and illnesses for the males. Place a golden sailing ship on the right to suppress sickness star.

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