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Combinations of the Sitting (Mountain) Stars and Facing (Water) Stars and their meanings.

The effects of the combination between the Mountain Stars and Water Stars for the Period 7 (1984 to 2003) and Period 8 (2004 to 2023)

Mountain Star Water Star Meanings Antidotes and Enhancement
8 8 Extreme good wealth luck especially in period of 8. Power, financial success. Place 8 or 9 horses to get a multiplying effect.
2 6 Easy life with various sources of income. Stomach problems imminent. Have your rooms, safe and windows here.
6 2 Status and affluence in look only. Financially unstable. Place a lot of earthenware or stone furniture to enhance financial luck.
2 7 Problems conceiving and having children but there is good financial gains and having many friends. Place a lot of flowers and pictures of fruits or babies.
7 2 Money being squandered away. Losses incurred by women folk. Place silver items on right sector.
2 9 Extreme bad luck with sickness to head and eyes. Place water feature or pond / aquarium.
9 2 Slightly better than above but still stressful especially on money matters. Rear 4 carps or goldfish.
3 5 Severe cash flow problems and bad reputation. Place heavy metal objects, brass features or cupboard facing the entrance.
5 3 Loss in investments. Health and relationships suffer. Place water on left to exhaust 5 yellow.
3 7 Danger of robbery and theft inflicting the ladies, but losses will be small. Place still water or water feature and wear a Fu Lou.
7 3 Injuries to limbs such as legs. Place water feature, golden tortoise.
3 8 Lasting relationships for adults but unsuitable for children to be here. Place warm lights or flowering plants.
8 3 Insincere friends with ulterior motives, small financial losses. Paint red or orange on left and yellow on right of sector.
4 8 Good and workable advice and solutions from friends. Enhance with moving water.
8 4 Bad advice which can lead to financial loss. Place a lot of golden objects.
4 6 Children will be lazy and disrespectful. Money will be squandered unnecessarily but manageable. Place red or fire sign to strengthen the Earth element here.
6 4 Financial gains and academic excellence especially for women. Enhance further with metal objects.
4 9 Academic and creative excellence especially for students. Good for new projects. Place study table or start new ventures here. Place flowering plants.
9 4 Good for new enterprises as success is attainable. Use shiny objects like trophies to enhance.
5 7 Rumors and gossip related to women in the family and eldest sonís in - laws. Place water features or rear 7 dark-colored goldfish.
7 5 Bickerings related to relatives and close friends. Paint white colour or rear a tortoise / turtle.
5 9 Bad tempers and confusion. Ulcers and sore throats. Have an aquarium or pond or lots of water features.
9 5 Stress, high blood pressure, head injuries, accidents and fire hazards. Use Yang or moving water.
7 9 Vulnerability to illicit affairs. Bad relations between husband and wife. Use heavy stone furniture to suppress, place purple crystals.
9 7 Third party problems leading to heartaches and divorce. Place purple crystals or paint beige on walls.

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