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Pa Kua Trigrams

The Pa Kua Trigrams and Its General Attributes

The Pa Kua’s general attributes , and often referred to as mankinds’ aspirations are represented by the 8 trigrams of the Pa Kua . A good understanding of these attributes will enable one to pinpoint on the source of the good tidings or the source of problems . It will also assist you to select the right antitode for cure of the bad Feng Shui or choose a correct feature to enhance a particular sector.

These attributes can be summarised as follows :

  1. East - concerns Health
  2. Southeast - concerns Wealth
  3. South - recognition and status
  4. Southwest - relationship
  5. West - children (as in filial piety) and offspring
  6. Northwest - mentors and power
  7. North - career
  8. Northeast - academic achievements

AS indicated above, each of the sectors are attributed to certain concerns and aspirations. When a particular problem related to the above crops up , it is most likely due to a confluence of bad ‘Chi’ or a certain activity being carried out in that particular sector which houses the bad energies. For example, if one is experiencing a spate of bad luck and obstacles at the work place, it is normally due to a problem at the North sector of the house although it could also be because you have unwittingly disturb the sector housing the Grand Duke Jupiter, in which case the finances , career and harmony aspect of the occupants being affected is very prominent.

The Pa Kua in relation to the family structure:

  1. Northwest - father , patriach
  2. Southwest - mother , matriach
  3. East - eldest son
  4. Southeast - eldest daughter
  5. North - middle son
  6. South - middle daughter
  7. Northeast - youngest son
  8. West - youngest daughter

The above representations will allow one to pinpoint the sectors influencing or affecting the individual members of the family. For example, if the eldest son has to visit the doctor regularly with minor ailments, then it is mainly because the East sector of the house is affected and it is advisable to check out the sector for any adverse structures, features or the star numbers housed or having flown into it .

The Pa Kua in relation to the body structure and internal organs:

1. Northwest - head - brain
2. Southwest - abdomen - stomach
3. East - legs - liver
4. Southeast - posterior - reproductive organs
5. North - ears - kidney
6. South - eyes - heart
7. Northeast - hands - gall bladder
8. West - mouth - lungs
9. center - spine / backbone - spleen

Similarly any ailments or accidents affecting that certain part of the body of the Occupants is indicative of bad energies etc affecting a particular sector ( see above)

The Pa Kua in relation to animals / animal signs / features etc.

1. Northwest - Horse , model cars & bikes, jade, elephant, trophies
2. Southwest - Ox , books , porcelain, crystals, pebbles
3. East - Dragon, trees, ponds, bamboo, snakes
4. Southeast - Rooster, plants , fans ,perfumes, aeroplanes
5. North - Pig / tortoise, ships, snow mountains, fishes
6. South - phoenix, fire, sun, soldiers, frogs, flowers
7. Northeast - Dog, mountain, rat , tiger
8. West - sheep , armour, maids and servants


The above features can be utilized to enhance a certain sector for a particular aspiration and result. The list is actually longer but the above are the main features to adopt for activation and correction of certain bad chi or elements.

The Pa Kua in relation to commercial attributes

1. North - suitable for workshops, racetracks (cars , bikes etc)
2. Northeast - suitable for entrances, security systems, warehousing
3. East - transport , distribution
4. Southeast - routine work, assembly lines, office pools
5. South - electrical engineering, labs, computers, heating process
6. Southwest - medical centers, canteen, welfare, agriculture
7. West - recreation, theatres, casinos, restaurants, TV, music
8. Northwest - management, design studios, training centers, study


The above are the basic compatible locations which can be employed for the construction or putting up of the various activities shown .

Thus besides the star numerals, practical Feng Shui masters also rely on the above references when identifying, matching and activating of the various sectors concerned.

Other attributes

Yin people -

Those born in the years of the rabbit, rooster pig and Ox and especially in the lunar months of 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 are more ‘psychic‘ in nature especially when residing in "yin" houses.

Those born in Spring and Summer are considered extrovert, aggressive and a bit hot temper. Recommended to rear fishes, tortoise and other water features to provide a balance in emotions.

Those born in Autumn and Winter are introvert and having difficulties expressing themselves fully and clearly. Recommended to rear dogs (with black or golden jacket) and cats. Do not rear those with white paws or toes.

We often meet with strangers in the course of our work and daily life. Sometimes while we are socializing or entertaining clients, we are often faced with a need to know the inner characteristics of the other party for better judgments and decisions. In the study of character Feng Shui, there are certain tell tale attributes which can enable you to better understand the inner characteristics and emotions of people who are not so close or are total strangers to you. These tell tale attributes is derived from their face and body shapes eating habits and especially their preferred taste of food or drinks. (see below chart)

Preference in taste :

Sense Elements Attributes
Sweet Earth Square face, stiff neck, many dreams. These people are normally generous, practical and reliable / down to earth
Salty Water Big ears, double chin . These people have strong analyzing powers, talented, sharp-tongue and possess good business acumen
Sour Wood Broad forehead, long limps . These are gentle , caring people. A bit sensitive, straightforward and aggressive
Hot Fire Big sharp eyes, pointed chin . These are hardworking , passionate and Very affectionate people. Emotional too
Bitter Gold

Long or oval face, high cheekbones. These people have strong will power, very patient and full of righteousness

The above should serve as an additional guide when making assumptions of people and strangers . Other observations like body language should also be taken into account for a more accurate reading . To have an accurate and indepth knowledge of peoples characteristics, habits and fortunes etc , it is necessary to undertake a natal chart reading of the person’s date of birth.

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