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Some Useful Feng Shui Tips

Note: the sectors mentioned herewith encompasses the inside as well as outside the house - example the porch and garden etc. The below afflictions are the manifestations brought about by certain actions or inaction on the part of the occupant even after having analysed the Feng Shui and enhancement being done to the house etc.

However these afflictions are normally short termed - unlike afflictions brought about by the combinations of the mountain and water star which are long term and needed to be addressed urgently. The below serves more as an additional guideline for you to fall back on if after having checked the Feng Shui under the flying stars system, you are still unable to trace the problem.

  • If sickness occur and affects one after another of your family members - Check the East sector of your house, most probably someone has recently placed some stones or pebbles or rubbish in that sector. Remove them.

  • If recently, sickness affects the children only and is persistent - Check the west sector, some wooden objects or plants were placed there. Remove it and things will be normal again .

  • If your children are being especially disobedient or haughty, he or she is most probably sleeping in a room housing the number 7. Shift him to another room.

  • If you are experiencing a spade of bad money luck, or you are facing sudden financial and cash flow problems, check your Southeast, look for cracks, holes, broken porcelain or earthenware or dying plants or water leakage. Remove or repair the defects.

  • If your status or reputation suffers - Check the South sector, some rusty or broken metal parts are lying around in this sector or the lights in this sector has dimmed or fused. Remove or replace.

  • If you suddenly or always faces relationship problems - Check your Southwest, cracks, stairs leading away and downwards from your house or potholes etc is present. Remedy the defects and remove the stairs .

  • If suddenly you loses control, power, office and faces a lot of competition and politicking, - check the Northwest, especially if you have a fountain here, remove it before you are backstabbed. Look also for stagnant and dirty water or broken water feature here.

  • If your career or business suddenly faces a setback - check the North, look for red or fire objects or features here. Someone might have placed some big boulders here.

  • If academic achievements are hindered or creativity runs dry, checked the Northeast, - big pieces of metal or a large water feature is found here. Remove.

General Health

  • If you have problems to your head, check the Northwest for inauspicious mountain stars or fire / fire features. Remove and place water or water feature here.

  • If you have problems with your abdomen or stomach, check your Southwest for inauspicious mountain stars or prickly plants or blockage to the drains in this sector.

  • If you have legs or liver problems, check the East for inauspicious mountain stars or dead plants or pieces of wood or decaying wood. Look also for water leakage.

  • If you have posterior problems, check your Southeast sector for cracks or water seeping away or leakage of water / plants dying .

  • If you have problems with your ears or kidney, check the North for stagnant water or rubbish / unwanted things (example empty vessels).

  • If you have problems to the eyes, check the South sector for spoilage to fire elements or unwanted metal objects.

  • If you have problems to the hands, check the Northeast for rotting wood or plants in this sector.

  • If you have problems to the mouth, check the West for decaying plants or broken vessels or pots etc.

  • If you have problems with your backbone, check the center of your house for cracks to the floor or any indent to the flooring.

  • If you regularly have puffy eyes, place a glass or bowl of water in the South sector of your bedroom before you sleep. The puffiness will go off after a while.

  • If you have recently encounter insomnia, try sleeping with your head in the opposite direction which you normally sleeps. You need not turn or move your bed at all.

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