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Combinations of the Annual Stars & Period Trigram Stars and Their Attributes

Details and interpretations of all the other combinations of the annual star vis-a-vis the trigram stars.

The Annual Star coming into the Trigram Star 1

Annual Star Trigram Star Interpretation Activation
1 1 Water coming into Water - positive. Good for creative and academic pursuits. Constant money luck and good career prospects especially for youngest son. Moving metal objects especially clock, music box and Yang water (moving water) will enhance the
4 1 Small Wood coming into Water - constructive. Communication, romance luck, outstanding scholastic achievements. Yang water or water feature, flowers will enhance romance.
6 1 Small Metal coming into Water - positive. Windfalls, rewards from investments, career / promotions luck A brass horse feature or a golden ship will enhance career, investment luck further.
7 1 A picture or feature of a girl playing flute or musical instruments will enhance money luck further especially for the matriarch/eldest daughter. Big Metal coming into Water - Lucky in period of 7 especially for women. Harmony among children. Old problems can be resolved.
8 1 Having a mountain feature will enhance mentor luck and diminish the power struggle. Feature of a tiger or dog will bring excellent results. Small Earth into Water - Power struggles for leadership and control especially between the young and old where new and young members will have more say. Excellent wealth luck.
9 1 Yin-Yang features, especially a pair of cranes, eagles, owls or dragon and phoenix for intelligence and wealth luck. Fire into Water-Excellent for career and wealth albeit a little slow. Mental stimulation. Beware of problems to head especially to the eyes.
2 1 Big Earth coming into Water - destructive. Sickness and loss indicated especially the youngest son. Loss of earnings brought about by illness. Moving metal objects especially clock, music box and Yang water (moving water) will enhance the
3 1 Place a brass sheep or tiger feature or have purple objects in the sector to exhaust the bad Big wood into Water - negative. Scandals, rumors and back biting with possibility of escalating into law suits.
5 1 Wind chime with six rods or hang six emperor I-Ching coins energized by yellow string. Earth coming into Water - destructive. Injuries, accidents, serious health problems and financial loss

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