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Combinations of the Annual Stars & Period Trigram Stars and Their Attributes

The Annual Star coming into the Trigram Star 2

Annual Star Trigram Star Meanings Activation
4 2 Constructive-negative. Minor academic problems. Frequent sickness is checked and cure is possible. Mentors rally around. Have a water feature except if this is a Southwest sector. A rooster feature will put your academic problems in check.
7 2 Constructive. Sickness is minimized. You will get to know more friends. There will be small windfalls. A feature of a lady dancing will enhance relationship and windfall luck further.
8 2 Positive - Excellent wealth and career luck. Youngsters will be your assets. A picture with mountain and water feature works best.
1 2 Negative - minor ailments to ears. Academic pursuits and career affected. Hang 6-rod wind chime or rear 6 golden gold fish.
2 2 Negative - Sickness star. Chronic illness possible. Matriarch must not sleep here Paint white. Place heavy furniture especially metal types to suppress the chi or use this as storeroom.
3 2 Constructive-negative. Gossips and scandals. Problematic lawsuits. Hang a picture with 8 flowers or place urn of still water
5 2 Very negative. Total loss and confusion. Fatal illness and serious accidents. No purple / red colour or fire. A 7 tier pagoda or heavy metal objects or furniture will suppress ‘chi’.
6 2 Negative. Power and authority slowly seeping away. Place 4 pots of green plants or a metal Ox to expand the good ‘chi’.
9 2 Constructive-negative. Bad luck especially for children. Bad tempers and accidents to the head. Place feature of 7 girls playing musical instruments or rear 8 goldfish.

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