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Combinations of the Annual Stars & Period Trigram Stars and Their Attributes

The Annual Star coming into the Trigram Star 5

Annual Star Trigram Star Meanings Activation
1 5 Water coming into Earth - Negative. Problem to the ears and career setbacks. Place 6-rod wind chime or metal tortoise to cure.
2 5 Yin Earth into Earth - Very negative. Fatal illness and violent injuries. Use heavy metal object to suppress the sector or rear 18 carp.
3 5 Big Wood into Earth - Destructive. Failures in business, reputations, legal problems. Use 8 emperor coins or counter with 8-sided (Pa Kua) shaped fish pond.
4 5 Small Wood into Earth - Destructive. Restlessness, loose focus, poor judgments, no goals in life. Place wooden ship sailing in and books/ bookshelf.
5 5 Earth on top of Earth - Negative. Fatal accidents and injuries, calamities. Use 6-rod wind chime or rear 4 red and 9 golden goldfish to counter.
6 5 Small Metal into Earth - Negative. Financial loss, danger of injuries to patriarch. Place pictures or features of 8 horses and 4 leaf clovers to prevent illness/ problems to the head.
7 5 Big Metal into Earth - Negative. Arguments and petty quarrels. Injuries and loss for women. A bowl of copper coins or metal tiger feature to counter quarrels and mouth related ailments.
8 5 Small Earth into Earth - Negative. Problems to youngsters, hands and limbs. Rear 6 goldfish or carp to counter
9 5 Fire into Earth - Negative. Ailments related to eyes. Never ending problems. Rear 1 golden arowana or 1 black and 6 golden goldfish.

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