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Combinations of the Annual Stars & Period Trigram Stars and Their Attributes

The Annual Star coming into the Trigram Star 6

Annual Star Trigram Star Meanings Activation
1 6 Water into Small Metal - Constructive. Powerful mentors, money luck, outstanding achievements Earth or mountain picture or elephant feature will enhance luck further.
2 6 Big Earth into Small Metal - Productive. Success in business and investments especially for men folk. 8 carps or circular / round features to prevent sickness.
3 6 Big Wood into Small Metal - Exhaustive. Speculative and long term investments good. Occasional windfalls. Enhance with crystals, tiger or wolf features.
4 6 Small Wood into Small Metal - Constructive. Sum of ten. Money luck for ladies especially to eldest daughter. Danger to posterior or abdomen. Enhance with glass or crystal ornaments / features.
5 6 Earth into Small Metal - Productive. Unexpected windfalls, financial gains from lucky draws, business and property investments. Metal objects, musical instruments like piano to enhance & prevent sickness and injuries.
6 6 Small Metal into Small Metal - Positive. Excellent money luck and in abundance especially for men folk and management. Place picture of mountain with water or pictures of tall buildings to enhance.
7 6 Big Metal into Small Metal-Negative. Theft, financial disputes, competition. Use Yang water or water feature to control.
8 6 Small Earth into Small Metal-Productive. Extremely good wealth luck in all aspects. Financial gains and windfalls for patriarch and males. Have your main door or office here and enhance further with water feature especially turtle or terrapin.
9 6 Fire into Small Metal - Destructive. Substantial financial loss, disputes. Water feature or perfume to suppress frustrations.

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