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Combinations of the Annual Stars & Period Trigram Stars and Their Attributes

The Annual Star coming into the Trigram Star 7

Annual Star Trigram Star Meanings Activation
1 7 Water into Big Metal - Exhaustive-positive. Good money for middle son, but there is treachery and jealousy. Metal model cars & bikes, music box to suppress competition.
2 7 Big Earth into Big Metal - Productive. Substantial money luck in business investments. Use 8-rod wind chimes to protect women from illness.
3 7 Big Wood into Big Metal-Half negative / positive. Sum of ten. Financial gains but excessive expenditures. Grow or picture of bamboo or picture of jungle to curb expenditures and prevent injuries.
4 7 Small Wood into Big Metal - Negative. Betrayals by women, efforts not recognized. Place fans or perfumes or water feature to cure.
5 7 Big Earth into Big Metal - Productive & negative. Rumors, windfall luck, sickness to spleen/backbone. Feature of tiger attacking sheep/ deer to absolve bad 'chi'.
6 7 Small Metal into Big Metal-Negative. Burglary, possible divorce, loss, hatred Use plenty of Yang water to control - a fish pond helps.
7 7 Big Metal into Big Metal - Positive. Excellent investment and money luck, harmony. Place coins and metal objects to activate.
8 7 Small Earth into Big Metal-Productive. Excellent money luck especially from property investments, windfalls, romance, career achievements. Picture of mountain, globe, tiger or dog feature to activate.
9 7 Fire into Big Metal - Destructive. Bureaucratic problems, difficulty in collection (money), loss of female partner, fire. Place armor feature, music or stone furniture to counter.

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