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Combinations of the Annual Stars & Period Trigram Stars and Their Attributes

The Annual Star coming into the Trigram Star 8

Annual Star Trigram Star Meanings Activation
1 8 Water into Small Earth - Positive. Good money luck, career advancements, status. Enhance further with elephants and trophies. Suppress power struggle with water.
2 8 Big Earth into Small Earth - Positive. Sum of ten. Great wealth luck, windfalls, gains from property related business. Enhance further with stone or earthen wares.
3 8 Big Wood into Small Earth - Destructive positive/negative. Harmonious relationship with people, small gains, possible ailments to liver. Use fire or porcelain or 8-tier pagoda to prevent ailments.
4 8 Small Wood into Small Earth - Destructive positive/negative. Helpful mentors, budget affected, injury to hands. Use water or model cars or wear jade to overcome.
5 8 Big Earth into Small Earth - Negative. Ailments related to spleen and spinal cord/ backbone. Injury to children. Rear 7 dark-colored goldfish or carp.
6 8 Small Metal into Small Earth - Constructive. Small gains, mentors not available, losing control, high expenditure Using Yang water will bring forth wealth luck
7 8 Big Metal into Small Earth - Positive. Power and status to women folk, financial gains. Use crystals to enhance further.
8 8 Small Earth into Small Earth - Positive. Excellent power, status, mentor and wealth. Activate with red / earth tone colors or have your main door or entrance here
9 8 Fire into Small Earth - Productive positive. Excellent wealth luck prospects, reward, recognition. Beware of heart problems/ diabetes. Use picture of mountain and water scenery or Yin water to curb heart problems.

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