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Combinations of the Annual Stars & Period Trigram Stars and Their Attributes

The Annual Star coming into the Trigram Star 9

Annual Star Trigram Star Meanings Activation
1 9 Water into Fire - Destructive. Sum of ten. Diminished opportunities, status quo, some financial gains though. Use 4 pots of plants to produce opportunities or God of Wealth features.
2 9 Big Earth into Fire - Negative. Major sickness to abdomen, consistent bad luck. Use features of phoenix, sun, flowers to control.
3 9 Big Wood into Fire - Constructive negative. Possible injuries by fire to body, bad scandals, fights, being made a scapegoat. Place purple flowers, gold jewelry or rear 8 carp to suppress fire.
4 9 Small Wood into Fire - Productive. Good mentor and prosperity luck, good for speculative / new ventures. Use non-flowering plants to activate.
5 9 Earth into Fire - Negative. Loss of reputation, heart ailments, eye injuries, prolonged bad luck. Use plants or light green color or 4-rod wind chime to control.
6 9 Small Metal into Fire - Negative. Loss of position, frustrations, breakdowns. Use Yang water to control.
7 9 Big Metal into Fire - Negative. Loss of children’s respect, failures in speculative ventures, problems with illicit affairs/ adultery. Use porcelain features or crystals / globe to control.
8 9 Small Earth into Fire - Negative. Money restrictions, sharing power with others, politicking. Place metal Ox or God of War (Kuan Kung) feature to control.
9 9 Fire into Fire - Constructive. Recognition, status, promotions, ambitious and mentally alert, manipulative. Place a lot of metal objects, coins and phoenix features.

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